We Normalized Sickness

I have a young brother, 10yrs old. The other day we were talking and it struck me how much we’ve messed him up. Though young, he already fully understands the concept of sickness and how we are all susceptible to it. He expects to be sick, I mean, he wouldn’t be shocked if he ever fell sick.

Isn’t sad though? Children are growing up expecting to fall sick and embrace sicknesses. The kid is already trained up and ready to be sick. We spoil them very young.

It’s just sinister and sorry on our part as grown-ups.

We are raising them wrong. We should set a standard that is not self-defeating. Why on earth are we even condoning sickness? Why not condone Sin if we are condoning sickness?

Why have we normalised sickness?

I remember growing up enjoying sickness, don’t get me wrong, I’m no psychopath. But what do you expect me to think of sickness when it brings so much fun in my life? 11yr old me was getting sick days for having a cold, and did I enjoy staying home when school was in session? sure I did. I knew there were two sides to sickness, the body will feel pathetic but I’ll have an excuse as to why I didn’t finish the assignment, I’ll stay home and relax in front of the TV, sleep past my normal wake up time and if I happen to go to school I get special treatment from everyone even my teachers. Who wants to trouble a sickly weak young boy?

In short, I was prejudiced to accept sickness.

We don’t give these kids a good shot at receiving the health Jesus provided for them. They don’t have good examples to follow for the most part. In fact, for most children, the idea of someone who walks in health is more or less fictional and fun to imagine. Whilst we ought to make it is such that being unwell is abnormal. Right now constantly being in health is the abnormal outlier.

Most believers totally trust a doctor to help them with any disease but Jesus is useless, or maybe His power got depleted sometime in the past. We’ve made the Cross of no effect. It serves an interim purpose as you run to the hospital.

Thank God for doctors, I am not against them for were it not for them most Christians would be dead.

If you read through the Word of God, you’ll find that diseases are a curse, and we’re not under the curse of the Law. We are delivered from the curse. Jesus took our curses upon Him so that we never have to live in sickness or under any curses.

But if that’s true, and it is, why aren’t we walking in health? We normalised sickness!

We are okay with being sick, we view ourselves as The Sick trying to get Healed rather than The Healed the Devil is trying to make sick.

I know this comes as a shock to many believers, but Yes, there was a time when God, your Healer, came to earth and sacrificed Himself for you so that you never live a defeatist life.

You wish it were true ey? You’ve not experienced this, well probably yes, but who’s fault is it? God’s or Ours?

We don’t raise our children to resist sickness, neither were we raised to do so too. It’s tough but we can turn it all around. For generations, people think it’s perfectly natural to be sick but the truth is, sickness is abnormal and is a curse that you don’t have to live with.

Let’s give the next generation a better chance of fighting off diseases and stop normalising sickness. Let’s stop calling God a Liar and believe His Word.

You’ve believed for salvation, you do well, in the same vein that Jesus dealt with Sin, He also dealt with sickness.

It’s easy to offend believers today when reading scriptures about how abnormal it is to be sick. We changed the norms and it’s unfair for the young people who are growing up with no hope of ever walking in Divine Health. Why are we so committed to making their lives miserable? Brethren this is so wrong and our motives are questionable. We shouldn’t pass on our failures to the next generations.

We should have changed this norm, broken the cycle of defeat and gone against the tides, conquer because Jesus has already conquered for us. Then receive our health and defend it. Raise children in a health-promoting environment.




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